#oneworkforce is the idea that in the world of work everybody has an equal opportunity, defined by what they ‘can do’. Differences are acknowledged and appreciated, traditional measures of performance are redefined and every individual is able to achieve their full potential.

Too often, companies fall back on traditional ideas or default processes in hiring, promoting and investing, and ignore potential in other areas.

#oneworkforce acknowledges that as society strives for equality and the opportunity for everyone to live full lives, our places of work also need to reflect these ideals.



Disability Inclusion

The Ability People supports companies and leaders to help them ‘live’ inclusion and create a culture where equality is no longer talked about because it has become ‘business as usual’.

There is a cliched perspective on disability inclusion which focuses on the physical environment. We realign thinking to concentrate on the more valuable areas of culture, acceptance, capability of leadership and the importance of representing the wider community.