It’s not about the ramp

TAP’s ambition is to be the most influential organisation in recognising companies and individuals that ‘live’ inclusion and create a culture where equality is no longer talked about but has become ‘business as usual’. We want to help move the focus away from the clichéd and stereotypical perspective on disability which tends to focus on the physical environment (the ramp!) and realign thinking to focus on the more important areas of culture, acceptance, the capability of the leadership and to be more representative of the wider community.

Do you know what’s working?

We’ve developed assessment methodologies that create a ‘free from fear’ communication process that supports the truth in evaluating the ‘employer equality proposition’ that extends from initial engagement to the point of termination and is both a measure of a company but also the departments within it and the leaders & key influencers. We work with employers who are committed to ongoing education by co-developing relevant content, telling the story in an engaging way and offering continual review & assessment. This is delivered onsite by  TAP’s specialist consultants with their authentic, experience based perspective.

Success to share

We’ve designed the ‘TAP Index’ to identify organisations and leaders who excel in equality. This enables them to demonstrate their position as employers of choice which positively influences their ability to acquire & retain talent, develop leaders and influencers as well as drive improved commercial performance. Our team of specialists – all whom have some form of disability – work with companies to benchmark their D&I culture against best practice, not just in terms of facilities but in real life, day to day situations. Measures include employee engagement and acceptance, leadership culture and awareness, equality of opportunity, management practice and KPIS as well as the basic physical needs.

Our Consultants

Our team of consultants have achieved at the highest levels in international sport, coaching, education and community.

Every member of teamTAP have a disability or impairment which allows them to provide advice and support from a truly authentic perspective.

Members of the your organisation will be inspired and gain a deeper insight into how people with disability can achieve outstanding performance and how that can apply itself into the organisation to create improved results, greater teamwork, an improved sense of collective purpose and a market leading employer brand.