The Top 5 Myths about Recruitment

4th September 18

Throughout this blog we offer an exclusive (and honest!) insight into the real world of recruitment, debunking 5 common myths associated with the career and its processes.

  1. Outsourcing recruitment is a waste of money

It’s quite common for employers to see recruitment agencies as a luxury rather than a necessity. Whilst it’s true you can always hire in-house, this can often be a stressful and time consuming process.

As self-proclaimed people experts, recruiters understand that when a job vacancy comes about it’s essential to both find the perfect candidate and find them quickly. Outsourcing your recruitment takes the pressure of those in-house employees too busy to sift through CVs and contact candidates. It’s worth the extra investment to avoid a tense, tired team who are needed elsewhere.

  1. It’s all a numbers game  

Recruiters are often stereotyped as ruthless and money-minded, caring more about the number of candidates they place than where they place them. After all, the more people you place, the more money you make right?

But at the core of good recruitment lies care and communication. Placing candidates into roles they’re not suitable for is always a lose/lose situation. By placing an individual in the wrong job you increase the likelihood of them leaving within the first 3 months, making both the candidate and client extremely dissatisfied. Therefore, recruitment is much more than a simple numbers game: it’s a job grounded in communication, relationships and helping others.

  1. Recruitment is repetitive and boring

Nowadays recruitment is often associated solely with cold-calling, stereotyped as a ‘glamorized sales job’. This is unhelpful and misrepresents the true nature and complexity of the job. In fact, recruitment is a highly varied job with lots to offer.

With a great pool of candidates looking for work and clients on the hunt for candidates, you’ll be speaking with many different people every day, whether that be over the phone or in person. If you’re passionate about helping others, this may be the perfect career for you. You will get the chance to impact people’s lives daily, working towards placing candidates in their dream jobs and finding clients their ideal employees.

To sum up, through recruitment not only do you get to make a positive impact on the lives of others, you also get to reap the benefits of doing so making this career one of the most rewarding ones available.

  1. AI will soon replace recruiters

There’s always the fear that robots are coming for our jobs and the recruitment industry is not immune to this worry. But the reality is AI completely replacing recruiters is highly unlikely. As mentioned previously, at the core of good recruitment lies care and communication – in other words, emotional intelligence is essential!

Finding the perfect candidate rests on more than just CV-screening. As a recruiter you have to be capable of assessing the individual’s personality to see if they’d be a good fit for your client’s team. While AI will be capable of sifting through CVs and may even one day be able to assess our body language for candidate-client compatibility, they will always lack the emotional intelligence founded on empathy and shared experience crucial to good recruitment. As a result, it’s highly unlikely we’ll be using robot recruiters any time soon.

  1. Recruiters are only interested in commission

Recruiters are incentivised financially to successfully place people in jobs but it isn’t true that money is their primary motivator.

A recruiters professional reputation is critical and with the explosion of social media word travels fast (both good and bad). Candidates and clients alike want a trust based relationship with a recruiter that acts professionally, ethically and in the best interests of everyone involved.

A recruiters network is fundamental to their success, without being a trusted ‘insider’ they will fail to succeed.

Recruiters that breach that trust, don’t behave ethically, ignore discretion & confidentiality get found out very quickly. Good recruiters understand their earnings are a direct outcome of doing things the right way and strive to maintain high standards rather than chase £’s at any cost.

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